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Handling The Transition To Web3 Work Models: Recognizing The Effects Of AI And Decentralization

  • HR tech expert Josh Drean shared his concerns about traditional employment models and their alignment with the desires of the younger generation on our Future of Work podcast.
  • He emphasizes the need to create a shift towards values, meaningful work, and a balanced work-life. 
  • According to Drean, there are many ways that decentralization can make workforce ecosystems much more powerful.

Imagine a future where we engage with work in 3D virtual worlds, where AI augments our potential, and where work is not just about productivity but also about fulfillment. 

That’s exactly what our Future of Work Podcast discussion with HR tech expert Josh Drean explored. Drean co-founded Work3 Institute and currently advises at the Harvard Innovation Lab on Web3, which has given him unique insights into the future of work. He’s not just an expert, but also a passionate advocate for rethinking our relationship with work. 

Drawing from his own experiences, he shared his concerns about the traditional employment models and their alignment with the desires of the younger generation. He emphasizes the need to create a shift towards values, meaningful work, and a balanced work-life. 

Decentralization, technology, and work 

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Will centralization even exist in the future?

“I personally don’t think so,” Drean said. “I think that decentralization provides better communication, faster, an ability to work on projects with individuals who are hyper focused, hyper motivated, hyper trained and skilled in their specific capabilities, and leveraging AI, being able to have more transparency and trust by having everything saved on the blockchain.” 

Drean explained that there are many ways that decentralization can make workforce ecosystems much more powerful.

“It’s something that I argue — that decentralization and a Web3 model will offer a better form of work, where people can have greater ownership over the work that they do,” he said. “They have greater agency to make decisions based on what they feel is best, based on what they’re seeing within a project. And they have that flexibility that they want to work when, where and for whoever they want in the world.” 

According to Drean, the rise of digital nomadism has opened new frontiers of productivity, with professionals leveraging the power of technology to work from virtually anywhere. This phenomenon, in essence, is transforming the whole concept of work-life balance, making it more fluid and flexible. With this shift, the very definition of work is poised to undergo a seismic change. The ramifications of this revolution will undoubtedly shape the future of work, and it’s imperative for today’s professionals to stay ahead of the curve.

Here are the key steps to stay ahead:

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  • Understanding the Evolution of Work: Delve into the shifting perspectives of younger generations regarding work and productivity. Explore the dissatisfaction with traditional work models and the desire for more fulfilling, value-generating opportunities.
  • Embracing Technology: Explore how Web3 technologies, such as AI and blockchain, are disrupting the existing work model. Learn about the potential of these technologies to enhance productivity and create more personalized work experiences.
  • Adopting Productive Digital Nomadism: Discover how the intersection of remote work and digital technologies is transforming the nature of work. Learn how to leverage this trend for increased productivity and a more flexible work-life balance.
  • Navigating Decentralization: Understand the benefits and challenges of a decentralized workforce. 

How to create a happy workforce

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“The bottom line is that employees are not happy in traditional roles. The data is very clear; Gallup’s Global Workforce Trends Report has for decades shown disengagement as an all time low, and we are just seeing a disengaged workforce that doesn’t want to work in traditional ways. And that is a problem that needs to be addressed,” Drean said on the podcast. 

Numerous firms are tackling the issue of employee experience and culture in various ways. However, the driving force for change might not be the corporations themselves, but rather the employees, the contributors, and the individuals who recognize their worth and aspire to leverage it more effectively. 

According to Drean, these people will seek out Web3 work models that suit their needs, offer the compensation they desire, and enable them to live the lifestyle they want. They will have much less restriction on how they work, which will be highly appealing. This will not only attract the younger generation, but also a large portion of today’s workforce. When this shift occurs, organizations and leaders need to be prepared for changes in employee experience design, as it is crucial for corporations to be ready for this relationship transformation.

As professionals, comprehending the significant shifts occurring in the world of work is indispensable for the future. The dialogue with Drean provides insightful perspectives into how younger generations perceive work, their dissatisfaction with traditional job models, and their aspiration for more meaningful and value-driven experiences. Technologies such as AI, blockchain, and Web3 are playing a crucial role in shaping this new landscape, offering innovative solutions and the promise of an improved work experience. 


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