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OnPath Testing Introduces Rebranding Driven by Mid-Century Art and Ancient Geometry

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    , /PRNewswire/ -- On Oct. 1, OnPath Testing (OP), a Colorado-based, international QA Testing Service, launched a rebrand inspired by the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio, and Euclidean Geometry. Company stakeholders wanted new optics that accurately represent their progressive service model and business blueprint.

    With a nod to classic mid-20th century art, the vibrant new design, featuring a Mondrian-style primary color palette and Swiss grid formatting, was chosen to reflect the balance, clarity, and continuous improvement OP brings their clients. The new colors represent clarity (yellow), dedicated, sustained energy (red), honesty and pragmatism (blue), growth (green), and transparency (aqua blue).

    "The company was ready for a fresh visual identity that accurately reflects our innovative approach to testing and QA in software development life cycles [SDLCs]," said OP CEO and Founder Brian Borg. "Our prior branding was somewhat forgettable, and didn't convey our unique approach," he added.

    "We wanted a sophisticated designs that evokes the journey of a software development project in abstract ways. But we also wanted the imagery to suggest collaboration and cooperation—key elements of OnPath's brand DNA," said OP COO Lon Botta.

    The rebrand is aligned with OP's campaign to signal a shifting paradigm in the software development industry. By accounting for the human experience in SDLCs, and facilitating optimal conditions for developer productivity and satisfaction, OP's unique value proposition is achievable; to bring stuck or stalled projects into a process that maximizes innovation potential and minimizes friction and bottlenecks.

    Borg has been refining this model since 2009 after witnessing the stressful working environments and mixed results of many software development projects. By implementing his unique "flow" approach to SDLCs, that fosters and promotes sustainable internal cultures, along with QA best practices, he saw that companies achieve near-perfect end products and CX.

    OnPath Testing is a Boulder, CO full-service software testing company with a global reach and a unique value proposition. OnPath helps companies unlock the full potential of projects by navigating the complexities of the human experience in technology. OnPath applies quality service best practices while nurturing innovation and moving projects forward to near-perfect outcomes. https://www.onpathtesting.com/. For press inquiries contact Pamela Sichel at (303) 479-4994 or [email protected].

    Contact:         Pamela Sichel

    Email:             [email protected] 

    Phone:           (303) 479-4994



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